The tying of two hearts

O`zMU talabasining ingliz tilidagi ijodidan 

Every day so many aide- memoire, interesting events happen in the world. One unforgettable of them is the joining of two young gifted hearts.

At first, both of them were not born in a poetic family, though they became well- known poet and poetess whose love and loyalty connected their souls and built exquisite poetic family.

Zulfiya was born in 1915, on the first day of spring, in the family of blacksmith’s, in Tashkent. Apart from this, Khamid Alimdjan was born in Jizzakh whose father was a peasant. Zulfiya was very interested in poetics, but she wanted to become teacher at first. When Zulfia’s initial poem was published in 1931, Khamid Alimjan had already finished the institute, his three anthologies had been published which had been named as “Spring”, “Golden hair”, “The wind of Morning”, furthermore he worked at the Literature and language institute, and was a prominent poet[Naim Karimov, Zulfiya opa haqida][1].

Many well- known poets, writers came and organized poetical meeting with students who really interested in literature at the institute where Zulfiya was studying at that time. Khamid Alimjan leaded the meetings, read the best poems of Alisher Navai and Khofiz, Pushkin and Byron. Apart from him many prominient poets as Usman Nasir, Amin Umarov, Gafur Gulam, Uygun leaded the meetings. But young poetess very interested in the creation of Khamid Alimjan , who gave great attention to Zulfiya’s poems, he always taught, encouraged her. Zulfiya described the first meeting, when she saw Khamid Alimjan as: “When I saw him at the first time, my feelings palpitated my heart, I felt Khamid Alimjan’s great talent and as well as his deep soul in his eyes” [ Naim Karimov, Zulfiya opa haqida].

Zulfiya’s first collection of poems was published in 1934. The young poetess met Khamid Alimjan at the station by chance, both of them were happy at this sudden event, they talked long, Khamid Alimjan told that, he read her poems and recommended keeping own- style of writings, without rhetoric, moreover should illustrate truth of life. Moreover, Khamid Alimjan noticed the soul of poetess in her poems.

Zulfiya wrote: “ I came home not walking, but flying, I wrote all my feelings immediately, it was might be my “Spring`s evening” which was full of emotions.

Svetlana Somova portrayed it a s[Naim Karimov, Zulfiya opa haqida].

Before finding out

Obviously themselves,

Their poems stood

Turn by turn.

The poems leaded

To the way of love,

Discovered even

The fire of the hearts![2]


To the castle of love and loyalty of Zulfiya and Khamid Alimjan, was began putting the first brick from this unforgettable sudden event. They married in 1935 and their immortal love tied for ever. I do not know if there someone’s family was built with that kind of love such as the great poet and poetess’, but they were symbol of love, the youth simply adore them as me.




 Hayot kitobimni behos varaqlab,

Men o`tgan umrga achinmay qo`ydim.

Tabassum o`rnida kuldim charaqlab,

Suyish kerak bo`lsa- telbacha suydim.


Kiyganim ipakmi, chitmi yo kimhob,

Yurak boyligidan qilmabman barpo.

Meni og`ushlagan hayot naq oftob,

Yangi qo`shiq talab unda har saboq.


Men o`tgan umrga achinmay qo`ydim,

Hech kimda ko`rmayin umrimga o`xshash:





Izzat nima- bildim.

Shu-da bir yashash!




 Inadvertently leafing the book of my life through,

I stopped regretting at my bygone life.

I laughed brightly- instead of the smile,

I loved foolery – if there were needed love.

Wearing silk, calico or brocade?

Did not pay caution by owning wealth- heart.

I was hugged by the life which was as the sun,

New song is needed in its each teach.

I stopped regretting at my bygone life,

Do not want no one’s life the same as mine:

I loved,

I was fondled,

I detached,

Suffered I,

I had known what the esteem was,

That was live at all!

 Translated by Nurkhon ISMOILOVA,

National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulughbek

Faculty of Foreign Philology, 3rd year student



[2] Nurkhon Ismoilova’s translation

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  1. da yangilik. ingliz tilida maqolalar. Fransuz va nemis tilida ham m aqola yozsak bo’larmikan. Xorijdagi talaba do’stlarimiz ham o’qib qolar, ehtimol. Continue, lucky you.

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  3. Jumamurodova Muyassar:

    Ijodingizga omad.

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