The golds of Ulugbek’s followers’

Good news came from far Cyprus: The students of the National University has been winners in the International Olympic games, they have got two golden medals!


            The spring has brought great freshness not only to our motherland, but also to the whole world this year. We feel this productivity of this freshness every time. Spring has brought great efficiancy to our agriculture, and also our science. The sun is shining over our science this year. We can see its proof on the 10 th international “SEEMOUS 2016” olympic games, which was held in Protaras city, for 1-6 March. The community of the National University has got their suitable positions in this competition.

More than 150 students from 43 universities of the world’s 20 countries have participated in this international Olympiad. In fact, such kind of merciless prove the world’s youth’ aspiration for science.


According to the conditions of the competition, it is demanded from the mathematicians to solve 4 matters a day. These matters were in English and and choosen from aldgebra, the theory of numbers, geometry, mathematical analysis and combinatory.

The second year students of Mechanics-mathematics faculty Khakimboy Egamberganov and Shokhruh Ibragimov chose their own special ways to solve those matters. The most remarkable thing is that their way was new and different from other traditional ways. The judges were shocked by these new methods.


— I am, firstly, grateful to our University, only this University could affort us to use the world electronic libraries freely. When I was studying at the lyceum named after Sagdi Sirojiddinov, I got a golden medal “Jautikov” Olympiad, which was held in Kazakhstan, in 2014, — said Khakimboy Egamberganov, who got three times golden medal. – I got such golden medal in Bulgaria in 2015.

— I was interested in maths in my childhood. I got silver medal in international “Balkan”, which was held in Bulgaria, — said Shokhruh Ibragimov.


             The most joyful tip is that the students, who have won in these competition will be accepted to Master degree the University of Cyprus.

The flown river flows, the place in which flowers grew, flowers grow again. The great students will grow in the National University in the future again. The of The golden medals of Ulugbek’s followers’ will be a great and suitable gift for the 100 years anniversary of our University.


Ulug’bek Usmonov,

O’z MU gazetasi muxbiri

Ingliz tiliga Nosir Sherboyev tarjima qildi.

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